Summer Homemade Deodorant Without Beeswax

Summer Homemade Deodorant Without Beeswax

homemade natural deodorantUnfortunately, about 8 months in to my new blissful homemade deodorant life, I started getting a painful rash on my armpits. These deodorants are made with soothing bases of pure botanical oils including shea butter, soybean oil, and castor oil blended with baking soda, cornstarch and essential oils. If you saw ricin" in the name and were concerned about it, you'll be happy to know that although they come from the same place, castor oil and ricin don't mix. For deodorant I have been using either just plain baking soda, or a baking soda/bentonite clay mix, or just coconut oil. It absorbs what you put on it , and the chemical contents of that deodorant (or soap or body lotion, etc.) ultimately make it into your blood stream. After years of frustration with products that didn't really do the job, I had turned to deodorant stones or crystals. Place a mason jar with the coconut oil and shea butter in a pot of water on the stove. This deodorant successfully keeps you dry and feeling fresh for a long period of time.

Keep the mixture over the heat and begin stirring in the baking soda, and corn starch, sprinkling it in slowly. If you are going to work in a small air conditioned office, you may not need as strong a deodorant as a teacher working with a bunch of active 2nd graders.

I have tried many different homemade deodorant with coconut oil deodorants and kept having horrible reactions or they didn't work. Thanks for the recipe, I'm going to try yours because the deo I made didn't have beeswax in it and I had to store it in the fridge. To begin your journey into the joys of home-made cosmetics, try this deodorant recipe - with the essential oils, it will smell so much nicer than commercial deodorants! Yes, if you add 2 teaspoons of beeswax pastilles it will firm enough to put in a tube.

This natural deodorant is made with coconut oil and shea butter which both moisturize and nourish skin while the baking soda, clay and cocoa butter absorb odors. By not including women who never had breast cancer, she adds, all the study shows is that women who use a lot of deodorant happen to be younger. You can first look at choosing a fragrance-free deodorant to see if your irritation gets better. Make sure to use clean and dry fingers - do not introduce water into the deodorant.

The dermatologist told me to immediately discontinue the use of the deodorant and put me on a string of meds and salves. I now make it with soda:arrowroot:coconut oil in the ratio of 1:3:2. I also apply a little neat coconut oil to the armpits before applying the deodorant. I find this really eliminates any irritation. Some people don't have such sensitive skin like me and baking soda doesn't bother their skin.